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City in Language

City in Language 1City in Language 2

(by Prasad Shetty, Rohan Shivkumar, Rupali Gupte)

This project was developed for the Indian Language Mela (20-21st September, 2013) at TISS, Mumbai

The Project explores the way in which language makes and breaks the idea of the city. Language as text and as sound shapes, reconfigures, marks, asserts, allows, destroys, celebrates, mourns, makes possible and impossible the city.

The project explores some of these languages through a sound installation that is heard over the skyline of the city. Each of these soundscapes is played in one of the headphones hanging at the edge of the terrace.

Each soundscape explores different kinds of languages in the city:

1.     Datascapes : This piece plays abstract data mapping and constructing the city through planning documents, censuses, city management reports etc.

 2.     City Narratives: This piece plays narratives of the city described in fiction, travelers’ and migrants’ accounts.

 3.     Place Names: This is an account of the histories of how various places in the city were named.

 4.     Music: This post plays Music describing the city and its various geographies, as well as its multiple experiences, both of its trials and tribulations and its moments of joy, in Music from Bollywood to folk.