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Slum Studies

1: Typologies and Beyond:

This study was commissioned by the School of Planning and Architecture, which is one of the National Resource Centres appointed to inform Central Government on policy issues regarding housing for the poor. The study is conducted by Sir JJ College of Architecture. Due to its experience in documenting and intervening in slum settlements, CRIT was invited to conduct the study. The study was based n field work data of some slum settlements in Mumbai and aimed at understanding typological characteristics of these settlements. In compiling/foregrounding typological differences the study argued that various slum settlements have distinct typologies and hence cannot be seen under one rubric. Any attempt to generalise slums would lead to grossly problematic interventions. Hence, as opposed to broad brush frameworks, a fine grained research, policy and intervention strategy is necessary to deal with slum settlements.

Download: Typologies and Beyond

2 – Reducing vulnerability through safer housing:

This two part study on slum typologies aimed at, firstly – documenting details of house construction in a slum towards identifying methods of construction and problems with them and secondly,  at developing a manual for improving construction methods in slum houses towards decreasing their vulnerability to environmental pressures and improving overall living conditions

Download: Part 1: Study & Analysis of Slum House Construction

Download: Part 2: Manual to reduce vulnerability through safer housing

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